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We offer non-medical services under this level. Companionship, light house cleaning, laundry, kitchen maintenance, attendant/driver service, home basics, basic personal care and pet care


The three plagues that account for the bulk of suffering among the elderly is loneliness, helplessness and boredom according to the Eden philosophy of care. Our caregivers take interest in the client, their life and their environment so as to alleviate these plagues.


The caregiver will wash, dry, iron and fold laundry for the client.

Kitchen Maintenance

The caregiver may not wear a chef’ hat but they do know their way around a kitchen. Grocery planning, grocery shopping, dishwashing, food maintenance and cooking are the duties of the caregiver. Meals will be planned in conjunction with a nutritionist and with the client

Attendant/Driver service

If mobility is a concern, the caregiver can attend any function, appointment or errand with the client. The caregiver keeps a client schedule so that important appointments aren’t forgotten. Depending on arrangements, travel could be by taxi or the caregiver’s vehicle.

Basic personal care

The caregiver will help with washing, pre-poured medicine, personal hygiene, nail care, hairdressing, picking out co-ordinated outfits, getting dressed, or applying makeup.

Home basics

This covers all the basics of looking after a home such as garbage control, health and utilities checks, replacing light bulbs and everything else that may have at one time been addressed by the client

Pet care

The caregiver will ensure the pet is always as happy as the customer. Cleaning, feeding, and exercising the pet will be part of the day’s activities.
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